Reliable Electric Fence Specialists: Trusted Services

Electric fence experts can help with a wide range of problems that can arise with your electric fencing. They are trained in tracing, rectifying and repairing all types of faults on fence systems. They also specialize in erecting new wall top electric fence systems as well as free standing security fences.

Whether you are trying to contain livestock or keep predators away from your valuable property, an trusted electric fence experts can be a cost-effective solution. It will deter animals from entering your property and deliver a brief electric shock when they do. This is an effective deterrent that does not harm the animal and meets strict safety guidelines.

It is important to have your electric fence system checked regularly. This will ensure that the voltage is correct and the circuit is working. It is also recommended that you test your electric fence after any significant weather events. It is also a good idea to test your electric fence regularly if you notice any changes in the behavior of your animals.

There are many different types of energizers on the market and it is best to buy from a specialist who knows the product. Avoid buying from general farm stores or mail order companies who are not specialists in the area of electricity fences. A good energizer should be able to charge/energize the wire continuously at not more than 1200 volts. Refer to the owner’s manual or the signage on the energizer to determine the correct voltage for your fence.

If you use an energizer that does not release the current in an intermittent fashion, it may cause damage to the wires and the fence system. It can also cause the animal to associate the fence with pain. This will make the animal fearful of going near the fence and may even start to act aggressively towards other animals or humans that are attempting to enter the property.

It is important to install a high quality, safe fence that will not cause harm to animals or humans. It is important to have proper zoning permits and home insurance to be certain that the fence meets all requirements. It is also necessary to display warning signs that indicate the property is electrified. This will reduce the chances of children or pets injuring themselves by touching the fence.